I don't like the idea of spreading chemicals around my home and flushing them down the drain, and I'm also very money-conscious. I make a lot of my own cleaning supplies, but here are some everyday cupboard ingredients which can be used for cleaning.


I had no idea ketchup could actually be useful for cleaning, but it turns out it can! For a bad oven stain, a very slightly warm oven and a spooge of ketchup will make it much easier to clean up.


Did you know that this stuff is great for cleaning up blood? This isn't something I found out while covering up a crime scene, it's actually used in America in large quantities to clean up blood stains from car accidents!

On a domestic level, it can be used to get blood out of fabric (we won't ask how it got there), clean toilets, unclog sinks, loosen rust, neutralise a jellyfish sting and clean car batteries, among many other things.


I bought a lot of lemon-smelling stuff when I first got a cat, to stop him from getting up on the side - it didn't work, and he doesn't care. However, lemon stuff does repel insects like ants or fleas and potentially even mosquitoes if there is enough. The juice can also be used to diminish odors in the fridge!