These tips have been taken straight from the mouths of maids, so listen up for some tips on making a house clean feel like an absolute doddle!

The Dry Rooms

 While the bathroom and kitchen are drying off after a mop, you can go on to work on rooms like the bedroom, living and dining room and other bits of the Kitchen (personally I hate oven cleaning so I get other people to do this like these guys!). It's always easiest to start with the top first, so clear cobwebs out of the corners of the room, then move down the room, dusting as you go. Don't forget places like behind the television - although these don't have to be done quite as regularly.

In the bedroom, take the sheets off the bed once you've cleaned everything higher than it, and replace them with clean sheets when the entire room is clean. Use this opportunity to throw any crumbs or mess from your mattress onto the floor, as you can vacuum them after. 

When dealing with the living room, after you dust the corners it's a good idea to give the couch and cushions a good shake down. If you just throw all the mess onto the floor, you'll get it up when you vacuum. Easy peasy.

Tip #1 - Dress in comfortable clothes you don't mind getting messy! Some tasks may need goggles, gloves or even breathing masks.

The Wet Rooms

I swear about half of my cleaning takes place in the kitchen and the bathroom. They're also the only rooms that I can't just leave because I can't be bothered - it's noticeable when I leave them more than a week without cleaning. 

Getting them out of the way early means the difficult part is over sooner.

Start with the washing up, then dry it and put it away - this means you'll have clear surfaces, ready to clean. Some people vacuum, but I just sweep and mop my kitchen.

In the bathroom, put a toilet cleaner or bleach in the toilet bowl before going on to clean the rest of the room. Wipe everything down well and hose off if you can, paying special attention to faucets and the edges of the sink and bath. Finally return to the toilet, giving it a really good scrub, and flush.

Tip #2 - Make every step count. Try to clean each room in an efficient way, going round the room only once. This is much easier if you plan out your attack in advance.